Boot volume error is one of the most annoying issues reported by the Windows OS users. The boot volume is actually the partition that exists on your hard drive, and in one of the partitions, the OS is installed. In the other partitions, you can keep all of your personal data. When the computer cannot load the OS properly, it results in the blue screen death. In the cyber world, it is called the “Stop code”. 

When you face this kind of situation, you must not get frustrated or panic. Just relax, there are solutions to all the problems that exist. All you need to do is carefully observe the symptoms like the system not working properly, unprecedented data security and others. After that, follow the solutions carefully to eliminate the issue, once and for all. 

Reasons behind the Occurrence of the Issue

Tech experts say that there are some possible reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of the issue and the list includes- system files got corrupted, deterioration of RAM and HDD health, improper configuration of BIOS, outdated OS and others. 

In addition to that, there are also some other reasons like misplacement of Windows partition, automatic reconfiguration of RIAD mode, and many more. Knowing the reasons will always help you in the fixing procedure. 

How to Fix the Issue?

Apart from starting the troubleshooting procedure, there are some of the best possible solutions that will help you to resolve the issue. Observe and go through them carefully to understand which one works the best for you. 

  • Restart your system 

Rebooting or restarting your computer is one of the most common solutions to not only this but also other issues as well. Hold the Power button of your PC and it will restart. This process has the ability to repair this boot volume startup error automatically. If the problem doesn’t persist, then keep on working with the machine. Else, you have to think of something else. 

  • Use the automatic troubleshooting process

In order to use the automatic repair or troubleshooting process, first, you need to create a bootable drive that will contain the latest system software. You can also use a disc instead of a removable drive. After that insert it to your computer and restart it. After the system boots up, it will show the “Repair your computer” option. 

After that select “Troubleshoot” and start the process of “Startup repair”. When the entire operation is done, hopefully, you will not face the blue screen boot volume error once again. 

  • Take care of the master boot record 

When your computer turns on properly, all the necessary boot information is in the master boot record. Somehow, the files in the master boot record can get corrupted. That is why there is a high chance that the unmountable boot can take place. In such a case, you need to fix the issue with the help of Command Prompt by accessing the “Repair your computer” option. 

When the Command Prompt opens, type “boot/fixmbr” and press the Enter key. The Master boot record will be repaired at once. You can also perform some additional repairs after that by typing the commands “bootrec/fixboot” and “bootrec/rebuildbcd”. After the entire operation is over, exit the Command Prompt. 

  • Rollback some important drivers 

The disk controller drivers are the built-in drivers of a system. When they become corrupted or change automatically, then there the unmountable boot volume error can occur. That is why you have to resolve it by performing the process of “System Restore”. While you perform this process, you can be sure that none of your personal data will be lost. Just the OS will get its previous version with all the disk controller drivers, cache and registry files present in it. 

  • Make necessary changes in the BIOS

Changing the IDE, RAID, and AHCI mode in the BIOS might help you in eliminating the unmountable boot volume error. Restart your system and open the BIOS. After that, select the SATA configuration and open up the options. You will see three options- IDE, RAID, and AHCI. Select each of them and press Enter to accept. It will create a combination that will definitely eliminate the unmountable boot volume error taking place in your system.

Important Note

Taking care of your PC will help you to avoid such kinds of errors. So, always keep your operating system up-to-date. Moreover, it will also help in reducing the system file corruption. In addition to that, if you see that your system is getting aged, then it is better to upgrade the quantity, as well as the quality of RAM and HDD. Both volatile and non-volatile memories are equally important for your computer. Furthermore, if you need professional intervention, then join with UAE Data Recovery. They can help you recover every major to minor glitch.