A Success Story: AS400 Data Recovery is Possible!

The recovery AS400 data  is still considered impossible due to the proprietary data of the file system formats.

Our engineers have recently been able to recover the data of an AS400 of particular importance for a company that had faced the danger of serious financial and productive losses.

A particular problem is the record size on a disk other than 512 bytes per sector that is in use at all PC and NAS computers. IBM AS 400 uses a sector size of 522 bytes per sector to handle data protection data (ECC) in the additional 10 bits. The format is the main reason for the difficulty of cloning data from the defective media into a replacement one to be used later for the restart of the AS 4000.

In fact today there are no software or hardware data recovery tools available that can recognize and clone defective disks with a sector other than 512 bytes per sector.

Also, the source and destination disk must be identical and both produced by IBM, otherwise AS400 will not accept the clone.

Our challenge was won thanks to the determination of our technicians and the collaboration provided by the customer.

However, the fact remains that in addition to the method of recreating the failed disk by returning the contents to a good one, there are no other AS400 data recovery

strategies. In fact, it is not possible to access the disk and files outside the AS400 system, even in the case of a working disk.

In summary, for cases where the failure of the AS400 involves disks that can still be repaired so as to obtain relatively complete images (without numerous bad sectors or spaces where data is missing), data recovery  will be of help to you! Get the best Hard Disk Data Recovery as well,