Beware Of Those Who Propose Data Recovery At Bargain Prices And Often Cause Many Problems!

Data Recovery CostThere are many data recovery centers that are literally popping up like mushrooms, often offering a data recovery cost that is increasingly downward. The bargain prices in our sector are increasingly on the agenda, but who should we trust? How much is the right cost for data recovery?

Many centers, both national and international, seem to have started a race to the bottom in the data recovery sector. These “laboratories” seem to take a service that, if done properly, requires very expensive raw materials and very high technical preparation. But why should we get suspicious when we are offered data recovery at bargain prices?

First of all, this type of intervention requires the use of specific and very expensive equipment , not to mention the very difficult to procure raw materials (so-called “donor” discs, for more information on what donor discs are, we invite you to read this article ).

Secondly, there is a high risk of failure when it comes to technicians or inexperienced subjects. Only the real specialized centers, in fact, are in possession of the skills and instrumentation necessary to recover the data effectively, and this inevitably increases the cost of data recovery .

In Dubai very few data recovery centers are equipped with a clean room , an essential device for data recovery following mechanical failures. The greatest risk is that those who propose recoveries at ridiculous prices do not have the necessary equipment and attempt to recover your support in a contaminated environment, with the risk of causing irreparable damage and permanently losing all the data. In cases like this, in fact, the support must be opened in a protected and controlled environment such as the clean room, in order to avoid pollution of the device that would make it impossible or very difficult to recover the data.

In conclusion, it is clear that the data recovery procedure involves some fixed fixed costs for a specialized center. Anyone proposing prices out of the market is not in possession of the necessary training and equipment and is likely to cause major damage to the media .

It is good to always be very careful when talking about retrieving personal or company data, the risk of these becoming irrecoverable forever is just around the corner. For this reason it is always necessary to turn to professionals such as those of UAE Data Recovery who can offer a  convenient data recovery cost .