Nowadays, you won’t find many people who walk around without any smartphones or Android devices. Also, the number of mobile phone users is increasing day by day, since the usage of these devices helps them to carry along important data all the time. However, with the increase in consumption of this Android technology, there is also an increment in the number of device issues. One of the most common problems that many Android users face is the deletion of stored data or Android Data Recovery.

So, whenever this issue occurs, your private files like pictures, videos or any essential document can erase from your phone without prior warning. This can be quite a frustrating matter and sometimes, the user might not be able to access the internal memory at all. Fortunately, such deleted items can be easily recovered with the help of effective data recovery services.

So, if you are also stuck in a similar situation with your Android’s internal memory, keep reading this article. Here, you will get to know some of the common causes of data loss on Android phones. Also, you can go through this discussion of a few troubleshooting methods to retrieve back your erased data from Android devices. So, let’s start with the theory behind storing data on the internal memory of the Android phone and the possible causes of its deletion.

Importance of Internal Memory to Store Android Phone Data

When you purchase a new Android phone, one of your major preferences is the size of its internal memory. The reason is, even if there is a provision of adding an SD card in the device, you still want a memory of its own to store data. As the internal memory is the storage unit that is provided by the manufacturer, it is the first preference while storing data.

Hence, if you do not have any external memory card or the SD storage is full, the files can be stored on the internal memory. In most Android mobile phones, you will get pre-installed apps along with some important system programs. However, it is impossible to increase or decrease the internal storage provided with the phones. This is the main reason for adding a removable microSD card to load the necessary apps and data on your Android phone.

Common Causes Of Data Loss On Android Devices

There are certain files that can be cleared from your internal storage, in case it’s full. This is why many users may use cleaning tools to delete unnecessary files from their Android devices. However, many times they end up removing necessary data accidentally while performing a memory clean up. There are a few more possible causes of Android data loss, which you can check from the following points.

Pressing Factory Reset Button

Sometimes, the user may unknowingly press the ‘Factory Reset’ option while using an Android phone. This is a feature that allows you to erase everything from your device including apps, data, contacts, and much more.

Damaged Or Corrupted Device

Another major reason behind losing valuable data from your Android is corrupted files. Also, if there is any serious physical damage or broken phone, the data can get erased. Many users have lost important files from their devices due to spilling water or fire burning problems. Even an overheated phone or corrupted memory card can be the reason why your data is inaccessible on Android.

Lack Of Android Upgrades

Often, Android users experience this problem of loss of data due to ignoring OS up-gradation on a regular basis. Yes, when you practice updating your Android regularly, it can prevent sudden data loss.

Frequent iOS, Mac or Windows up-gradation can fix bugs, viruses or malware issues on Android. Hence, if you stop upgrading your phone with the latest updates, it can erase data from your phone.

Is There Any Way to Restore the Lost Data Using Recovery Tools?

As discussed above, your Android device can store data on the internal memory or an SD card. For any data loss, you can recover the erased files from the microSD using various scanning and recovery tools.

However, retrieving the data from Android’s internal memory takes a bit more effort as compared to the SD storage. So, if you are wondering how can you recover deleted files from phone internal memory, then go through the following discussion.

Points to Consider Before Applying Data Recovery Methods on Android Phones

  • Avoid restarting your phone frequently or try loading anything new on the Android device. In most cases, the customers may lose their valuable data by overwriting the existing files with new ones.
  • Make sure to not access any apps or browse anything on the Android using the internet connection. Since it can corrupt the files further if the reason behind data loss is an online threat or app.
  • Don’t keep waiting on the device to recover data on its own and try to restore files using a reliable recovery method or tool. You must not select any random software to backup your data on Android phones.

For more information on the do’s and don’ts in data recovery for Android internal memory, you can take help from Data Recovery Dubai professionals.

Steps to Restore Lost Data From Your Android Phone’s Internal Memory

If your Android device is in working condition, then only you can try these steps to recover removed files. Hence, for restoring the erased data from internal memory, you can apply the following steps on Android.

  1. First, you have to open the Android settings on your phone and need to make some changes. So, hit the ‘Settings’ tab on your Android tablet or phone and go to ‘Applications’.
  2. Next, select the option for ‘Development’ and then choose ‘USB Debugging’ on your Android phone. Make sure to turn to enable this feature, which might exist in different names on various Android devices.
  3. After this step, take a functional USB cable and connect your Android phone to a working PC or laptop. You must check whether the status bar on your Android displays that the USB is connecting to it.
  4. Ensure that you are selecting the proper tab that says connect storage to the computer. In case, you can’t view this option, recheck the USB cable and try to re-establish the connection.
  5. Then, allow the OS loaded on your PC to search for drivers to identify the Android device connected to it. Once, it displays the internal memory folder for your Android, you can select an appropriate data recovery software.

Some Useful Tips to Prevent Data Loss from Android’s Internal Memory

Check out the following tips to ensure that your valuable files never go missing again from your Android phone.

  • Enable screen locks for preventing unauthorized access on your Android device.
  • Activate the data encryption feature on ‘Privacy’ or ‘Security’ section under Android’s ‘Settings’ app.
  • Delete items only after double-checking the content in it.
  • Practice using an effective antivirus to protect your data.
  • Make use of backup tools or software to store your data safely.

It is true that you need to utilize a proper recovery tool to retrieve lost data from Android’s internal memory. Otherwise, it can lead to permanent data deletion from your Android phone.

Now, for those who have this query “how can I recover deleted files from my Android phone internal memory for free?”, they can take help from recovery experts. There are many free recovery software for restoring data on internal memory in Android phones. Hence, you can consult a certified professional or approach data recovery services in Dubai to suggest the best tool for Android devices.