It’s vacation time and more and more people are traveling to the holiday resorts so much dreamed of during the year. Many carry their own devices such as PCs, smartphones and USB sticks, with the risk of suffering possible theft or unexpected breakdowns that may require data recovery from hard disks and other devices. The new devices, such as hard drives and USB memory sticks, have become smaller and more portable. However, due to their size, these can easily be lost or destroyed.

There are more and more subjects that, in order to avoid the diffusion of their data, resort to the encryption of the data contained in their devices. A practice that is certainly very effective, which prevents access to one’s personal data (and sometimes work data) by unknown or ill-intentioned people.

Last year, during a trip on Dubai  a friend dropped his laptop (which he was using to watch a movie on a popular platform) in the water. The hard disk was encrypted and hard disk data recovery was simple in this case, no attacker nearby being a trip between friends. But let’s take the case that my friend had dropped a usb stick in the lake during an evening walk along the shore? If the key was not encrypted, access to the data would be simple for anyone who found the device, but if it was encrypted, the only way to access the information would be to use the data recovery procedures for encrypted files.

In light of our considerations, the storage of personal information on a hard disk or an unprotected USB key is a risky choice and should be avoided. When traveling and carrying a hard disk or USB key, the device should always be encrypted. The market offers numerous solutions, even free ones, to encrypt your data. In the event of an accident, however, passwords must always be kept and stored in a safe place to allow easy recovery of hard disk data and USB keys encrypted and quickly return to all your valuable data.

If you are on vacation and have suffered a fault in your device, do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you in the best way to get you back all your precious data that you thought you had lost.