Most probably, nothing can hurt a business more than a data loss or affected data scenario. Whether it is the failure in hard drives, drive damage, software incompatibility or malware attack, data can go corrupted and it can hit your confidence and trust level of your business with consumers and clients. 

However, definite data recovery techniques are available for hassle-free data recovery. But, you can enhance the chances of retrieving more and more data back about what you have lost. Avail data recovery Dubai services from UAE Data Recovery and take a look at the tricks that will maximize the chances of data recovery to a great extent. 

Don’t Interfere with the Affected Drive

Whether you have lost access to the data on the saved hard drive, it would be better that you shouldn’t overwrite it. Don’t try to access the data or reboot the drive on your own. Refrain from saving further data on the affected drive. This is because it will erase the previous activity and make the data recovery more complicated than ever. 

On the other hand, format or reformat won’t work in this situation. Formating would erase the sector where the deleted or corrupted data sets might be residing. Additionally, we strictly advise not to go with any kind of partition table rebuilding. It can lead to the loss of the partition and you might end up with lost data forever. When it comes to computer usage, then simply turn it off until you find a professional data recovery service.

Is the Storage Medium too Old?

Data recovery and its success depend a lot on the health status of the storage drive. If the storage device is old then you can deploy a third-party data recovery software. There is evidence that third-party file recovery software worked for them. However, don’t forget to verify the authentication and review of the recovery software. Because free data recovery software might possess several restrictions on the size of data recovery. 

In case the drive is old enough then there are chances that it has occurred owing to bad sectors. And, if the deleted data accumulates there then it can eradicate chances of successful data recovery. Call in UAE Data Recovery experts for the best results.

Size of the Files

You can’t control this factor when you wish to extend the possibilities of data recovery. According to data analysts and experts, small files are easier to recover than large ones. If any of the files cross the storage of 50MB it is considered as a large file. Hence, you can’t expect videos or large databases to be recovered.

Don’t Install New Applications

If you are struggling with data loss on your computer hard drives then this trick is worth trying. Downloading any application on the affected device can make the scenario worse. Whenever you want to install a program, the hard drive erases the deleted files from it to make new space for the programs. When it overwrites anything, you can lose the deleted files permanently. You can either use a data recovery software, through CD drive, because new installation can create problematic incidents.

Avail Data Backup and Cloud Storage

Have you ever thought, if you had duplicate data storage then you need not panic about data loss? Backing up data to another storage medium can prevent drive damage and withstand cybercrime activities, as well. If you are afraid of relying upon any other physical drive that has the potential to become corrupted then choose Cloud storage.

Cloud technology enables you to store a vast array of data. Additionally, you can access them with secure login credentials. Because cloud storage doesn’t allow any else to access the data over the cloud. Invest in a professional and recognized cloud service provider near you to ensure the maximum enterprise data protection. In case, anything goes wrong, next time, then data recovery will seem smooth.

It’s Time to Take Action

Whenever you encounter any kind of data loss, physical or logical, it’s better to turn to a professional and proficient data recovery expert without any delay. UAE Data Recovery offers the highest success rates in data recovery fields. However, if you can notice anything uncanny such as any disruptive noise then inform the experts for ultimate solutions.