We use computers as a backup device to store valuable documents and personal photos. All our important files are stored securely and we are fully dependent on our computers. But to our dismay, sometimes the computer just doesn’t start or shows some technical error. We panic that the computer might have lost all the important files and photos. But that is not the case. You can still Recover Data From Computer following this easy guide. Let’s start with the basics.

Why does Computer Crash?

Computers are essentially electronic products and at times are prone to damage through electrical interference, hardware defects, and software glitches. There can be various reasons for system failure leading to a complete shutdown of the system. However, you can recover data from a computer by following the suggested method.

Software glitches are the most common reasons for system failures. Compatibility between software and various hardware devices are essential for the proper functioning of a computer. It could be a driver related issue or major system files missing from the operating system. Viruses and ransomware can severely infect the operating system and cripple the security of your computer. High-threat viruses can destroy the important system files resulting in crashes.

Hardware defects are another major reason for abrupt computer shut down. In the case of a hard drive failure, recovering data from the computer is slightly complicated but it is still doable. The motherboard which houses all the integrated chips can malfunction leading to system failure. The SMPS which is responsible for the power distribution to all hardware devices can also be at fault. These hardware faults do not affect the files so you can easily recover data from the computer.

How to Recover Data from Computer?

  • Switch on your computer and keep pressing the restart button. Windows has an inbuilt diagnostic tool that kicks in after seeing abnormal booting behavior. The diagnostic tool will try to diagnose the computer itself. If the diagnostic tool fails to troubleshoot the error then an advanced recovery window opens from where you can recover your PC.
  • Click on the Advanced option in the mac data recovery window and look for startup repair. The startup repair basically fixes the Master Boot Record which handles the boot path of the operating system. After fixing the MBR, it will boot and you can easily recover your data from the computer.
  • If startup repair could not fix the issue then a temporary operating system can be installed through a removal media. If you have the original Windows disc, insert it into the CD/DVD slot of the CPU and reboot the computer. The computer will try to boot from hard disk but you will have to change it to CD/DVD so that it can use a temporary operating system. Open BIOS settings and change the Boot Priority to CD/DVD instead of the hard disk. Now press F10 key and hit enter and the system should boot from CD now.
  • Next, you will see a Windows installation preview. Next click on Repair your Computer option to open a new window with Advanced Options. There, click on the command prompt and type in notepad into the black screen and hit enter. Now, go to the File menu of a notepad and click on open. Here an explorer window will open with all the drives of your computer. You can access all your files from this window. Now connect a thumb drive and start copying the files and photos to recover data from the computer.

Some Points to Note to Recover Data From Computer:

The copy process will be slow because the data will be transferred through a temporary explorer to a removable flash drive. Better to avoid copying large files in one go or else it may end up freezing. Furthermore, if you don’t have Windows OS disc then you can create a bootable Windows partition on your pen drive and boot from there. Use a fast pen drive, preferably USB 3.0 so that you can quickly recover data from a computer.

Also, make sure your computer has a stable power supply. Voltage fluctuations can harm internal components and hardware and add to your troubles.

Hardware Solution:

If the recovery window is not opening then you can try connecting the hard drive to another computer. Completely switch off the computer and unplug the hard drive from the motherboard safely. Now you need a SATA to USB cable connector as hard disks work with SATA ports. Connect the cable converter to your PC and you will have access to all your drives and files. Keep in mind the computer you are using to copy the files should be free from malware and viruses. Otherwise, it can possibly corrupt the whole hard disk and you may lose the files.

These are some easy ways you can recover data from a computer. We hope through this guide we could help you recover important files and photos. Otherwise, you can connect with Data Recovery Dubai which can help you to get your files to retrieve in no time.