What would you do if you suddenly find out that you have accidentally deleted some of your important data from your Android phone? Most of the people generally give up and don’t really try to restore them. But what if those files were really important to you and you didn’t keep any other backup for that? Don’t panic. You can actually retrieve those data from your phone back up. This article will show you how you can recover deleted files in Android. So things are going to be easier for you now.

Where does Android Store its Data?

Before moving forward to the procedure of recovering android data, let’s figure out where these files are generally stored. Usually, every Android device stores its files in two places. One is the internal memory that your phone already has and the second is the external memory that you insert as an SD card.  

Internal Memory

This is basically the hard drive of the Android device. You can’t remove that memory. This part of your system stores multiple apps, videos, music, pictures, etc. You can easily check the storage capacity of the internal memory by navigating to settings and then storage.

External Memory

As I’ve stated before, you generally insert the external memory of Android in the form of an SD card. It gives an additional storage capacity to your device. So you can store more music, pictures, documents, and various apps. Unfortunately, there are certain applications that you cannot store in the external memory of your device. Simply go to settings, then storage and navigate to the bottom to find the SD card memory capacity.

Where do the Deleted Files Go?

In case you have deleted your important files accidentally, you can actually restore them easily. Because when you delete a file from Android, it gets stored on the internal memory of your device. So don’t worry, you didn’t really erase it completely.

There is a valid reason why your device doesn’t erase any file or folder completely as soon as you delete them. Logically, it is quite easy and takes much less time to remove your data completely and make your device enough spacious.

At the same time, it is equally difficult and time-consuming to overwrite the whole data. Therefore, Android and other operating systems choose to delete the file pointer instead of deleting the file itself.

However, if you are willing to remove the file completely from your Android device, you can use a file-shredding tool for that. And thankfully, you can also recover deleted files in Android with the right tool.

Note: If you have discovered that some of your files are missing and you need them back, don’t save any new file on your device. Basically, this will ensure that the new files are not overwriting the deleted files until you restore them back.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android?

As I’ve mentioned already, you can restore the missing files with the help of a specialized tool. The features of the tools are specially designed for this specific purpose. Let’s come to the basic features of these tools:

  • All of them support for recovering photos, contacts, audios, videos, call history, messages, messages attachments, WhatsApp documents. In case they have been deleted mistakenly.
  • Also, if a few files go missing due to system crash, factory reset, flashing ROM, you can recover them easily.
  • Before beginning with the recovery procedure, they show you the preview and give you the opportunity to select specific files to recover.
  • Additionally, these recovery tools resolve android system problems like frozen, crashed, black-screen, virus-attack, etc. So you can easily bring back your phone performance with the help of their features.
  • Also, they can extract data efficiently from the internal storage and SD card of a damaged android phone.
  • Fortunately, they support all brands of Android devices, like Sony, Windows, Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC, Sharp, etc.

Recover Deleted Files in Android With Us

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