An important IT services company delivers us a NAS system of the well-known Qnap brand, in particular in this case we have dealt with data recovery from QNAP TS 469-PRO .

Some discs had failed and during the replacement the company technician reversed the position of one disc with another thus starting a new raid rather than reconstructing the original structure.

Thanks to the readiness of the manager it was avoided to do further damage with proofs of writing or reading the volume, he contacted us immediately and sent a request for data recovery.

We diagnosed the situation of the individual disks (we received as many as 7 hard disks involved in the incident) performing the data recovery operations of individual hard disks to obtain raw images useful for subsequent steps.

The existence of an EXT3 / 4 partition that seemed suitable for data recovery appeared immediately. However, knowing that the fault originated not only from the failure of the disks but also from the exchange of positions, our technicians investigated the situation with the hex editor and found another underlying configuration.

By setting a different order to the disks and adjusting the parameters of the raid we were able to identify a partition that is still intact and useful for Qnap TS 469-pro NAS data recovery .

What is the message we want to convey to those who could be found in this situation?

First of all do not test or test the damaged system! In this case, the company saved the data from the loss due to the fact that no recovery attempts were made in a non-professional way. One wrong action was enough and the data was lost forever. By consulting UAE Data Recovery Dubai and entrusting us with data recovery from the NAS, they have successfully recovered the corporate assets of many years.

Our Data Recovery team advises you not to act rash, as soon as possible turn off the system and contact our technicians for a simple free consultation. Actions following the initial failure made by the user often lead to the aggravation of the problem.

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