Customers can experience the problem of data loss at any stage of device usage, which includes computers, laptops, hard disks, USB flash drives, and other storage units. Mostly, when the data gets deleted without any prior warning, it can be equally stressful as well as annoying for the users. Fortunately, there are some technical solutions to Recover Data From Crashed Hard Drive and overcome this stressful situation. You can either choose troubleshooting tips or look for professional data recovery services to overcome file losses. However, it is also recommended not to utilize the hard drive before resolving the issue, as overwriting can delete data permanently.

In this article, you will get to know some important information regarding the loss of data to understand its recovery processes. So, if you have deleted your valuable files and don’t know how to recover them, keep reading this content. Here, you can learn a few quick fixing methods to retrieve back your lost data. Let’s start with the common causes of data loss on hard drives to have some idea regarding the actual error.

What are the Possible Reasons Behind Data Loss on Hard Disks?

Whenever there is an issue with hard drives and it leads to loss of data, it can occur due to multiple reasons.

Electrical & Power Issues

Firstly, it can be technical problems in the mechanical components in the hard drive. Otherwise, there can be electrical malfunctioning or software errors, which can cause data loss. Don’t ignore the cases of power surges and other electrical issues that can crash the drive.

Also, if the disc drive is having tracking difficulties or issue with reading or writing head, it can corrupt files. Even if there are poor operating conditions in the hard drive, it can fail eventually because of mechanical stress. Often, the issue of overheating can also corrupt the files on your device and deletes data.

Large Data Or Files

If the hard disk has got corrupted somehow, chances are high that it is because of an issue with large files. Yes, it is less likely for smaller files to corrupt your hard drive, unless those are viruses or malware. So, as the big sized files occupy more physical storage space on the platters, it can cause a corrupted hard disk.

Corrupted Antivirus & Programs

Sometimes, installing a damaged antivirus software can also trigger corruption in hard disk data. This can also be the case with unauthorized changes in system software or downloading corrupted third-party programs.

Extreme Environmental Condition

Too much exposing to heat, moisture, cold or vibrations can lead to failure in the hard drives. So, keeping your device in any critical environment for too long can trigger the data loss problem.

Can You Recover Lost Files From Corrupted Hard Drive?

If your query is “can file be recovered from a failed hard drive?” yes, you can retrieve the data. However, you must be aware of the accurate reason for corruption in your disc drive. This will make the recovery method easier for the users and can efficiently recover lost data. But, before applying any of the technical solutions to retrieve erased files, you must check the recycle bin. Often, the items you delete can store directly into the system trash and you can recover them easily. So, first, click on the icon of ‘Recycle Bin’ and search for the data. If you find them, simply select the files, right-click on them and choose the ‘Restore’ option. For some users who backed up their hard disks regularly, they can restore the deleted files from the backups. Now, apply the following solutions to restore lost data from your hard disk.

Apply These Steps Before Trying Data Recovery Software

In order to confirm whether data can be recovered using proper recovery tools, first try the following steps.

  1. Your first task is to switch off the device that is having the corrupted internal or external hard drive. Also, you must shut it down properly or it may cause further damage to the disc drive on your PC.
  2. Next, unplug the power cord that connects the supply and computer. Make sure to disconnect the drive if connected externally to the device using USB. After this, try to remove the hard drive from the CPU and remove all the wires or cables connecting both the units. However, make sure to apply this step if the hard disk fails to boot up properly.
  3. In case you have a hard drive enclosure box, you can use it and connect the external drive to a different PC. For this purpose, you can utilize a SATA drive or choose a disk enclosure that is as bigger as a laptop.
  4. First, confirm that the hard disk is corrupted and data can’t be restored on the other device. Once you get this confirmation, select any of the professional recovery software or consult data recovery Dubai.  

Role Of Data Recovery Program To Retrieve Deleted Files From Hard Drive

So, if you have this question “is it possible to recover data from crashed hard drive?”, in that case, you can use recovery software. There are many tools available in the market to restore back deleted files at its original location. Hence, you can pick the best recovery tool that can retrieve the erased data. Make sure to select a product that allows users to recover data from damaged, corrupted and overheated hard drives. Your recovery software must be able to restore permanently deleted files and those using the ‘Shift’ and ‘Delete’ keys. Also, go for a tool that can recover data from recycle bin, which you have already emptied when the hard drive crashed.

So, it is quite clear that only a powerful software with fully files recovery features can restore lost data. It not only can retrieve the data from corrupted hard disks but, also from other devices like memory card, USB drive, and digital camera. For more information on effective recovery methods, you can consult data recovery services in Dubai. For those who have this query “how can I recover files from a corrupted hard drive for free?”, there are some low-cost and no-cost recovery software for users. Hence, by approaching a professional hardware specialist, you will get suggestions regarding the best hard drive data recovery services or free software.