As the technology is growing rapidly day by day, Data Recovery is becoming one of the most important aspects of the developers. Because as a huge amount of data gets stored in several files and folders every day, the risk of losing them increases over time. Whether mistakenly lost or intentionally removed, it is certainly important to recover deleted files from the server during the time of our requirement.

We often come across the situation especially at the workplace, where some of the files get deleted from the server. It could be done deliberately or could be an accident. Whatever the case may be, the data gets lost. And if this happens before the scheduled backup, it could be a disaster. So what can you do? How to recover deleted files from the server? Well, there are ways to do that and we are here to tell you how.

Recovering Deleted Files from the Server

It could be a little tricky to recover deleted files from the server. Nonetheless, you must not lose hope. If you recently had taken the backup, you can start by retrieving your lost file from there. Additionally, you can also look for the previous versions of your file as they are archived in the system every day.

For recovering the deleted files from a server from archives, navigate to the folder containing the data and right-click on it. Select properties from the menu and click on the previous versions from the tab. In case you find the data you’re looking for, double-click on it to open the file. From there, you can restore or copy the files to the desired location.

You can also ask the creator of the file if they have a copy or a backup of the file with them. Also, you can look for it in the recycle bin. It’s easy to recover lost data from the server if you haven’t wasted any time since the moment you found out that your files are missing.

You must always keep taking regular backup. Especially, if you are working on a server. It is because many people access the server and accidents happen more if more people are involved in a particular place.

The sooner you take the right action, the more data you will be able to recover. If you wait for a long time, the chances of that file being lost forever increase with each passing minute. And don’t forget to stop all the work on the server where your file has gone missing, as it might make the recovery harder or even impossible.

Contact our Experts for Further Help

If the file is very important, you must not take a chance yourself. Contact our Data Recovery Dubai experts immediately. You can also try dropping us an email on our Data Recovery Support Email ID. Additionally, you can also choose to chat with our Data Recovery Experts for assistance in recovering your file from the server.

In case you are not an expert in this process, you might end up damaging the file. Basically, you are going to make the recovery procedure much more difficult. However, if you are unaware of the process, take the help of a recovery expert in recovering your valuable data. We are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to deal with situations like that. You can trust us blindfolded. And we promise to maintain the complete privacy and secrecy of your data.