PDF File RecoveryDid you accidentally delete any important PDF from your Android device? Understandably, the experience must not be very pleasant for you. Oftentimes, Android users face such undesirable situations. Most people believe that you cannot do much to retrieve your deleted PDFs. All they can do is to restore the last saved backup. But you won’t be able to restore the current data on your device with this solution. However, instead of panicking, you can take some effective steps in order to get rid of the issue. Therefore, you’d need to know how to recover deleted PDF files on Android devices. Unless the PDF file has been overwritten, it will not get deleted permanently. This content walks you through all the details about the issue and what you can do about it.

How did your PDF files get deleted?

You might end up losing the PDF files for a number of reasons. Before you try to figure out how to recover deleted PDF files on Android, you need to understand how the files got deleted in the first place. This list should give an idea of some of the more common issues.

  • Installed antivirus on your Android device can accidentally delete a PDF file if identified as a virus threat.
  • You might have mistakenly deleted a PDF file while accessing it or transferring it to some other device.
  • In case you have installed any third-party tools on your system, it can lead to the PDF files getting deleted all of a sudden.
  • The USB can get disconnected in the middle of transferring the PDF files from your Android device to other systems. This can also lead to the deletion of PDF files.

Storage Location of PDF Files

The PDF files are usually stored in two locations on your Android device. Firstly, the files can be stored in the internal memory of your Android device. Also, the PDFs can also be saved in the SD card (external memory) of your device. It provides you with extra storage space for additional data.

Reasons you can Retrieve the Deleted PDF Files by UAE Data Recovery Squad

Before you know how to recover deleted PDF files on Android, it is imperative to understand why is it possible to restore them. Even when you accidentally delete a PDF file, it actually remains in the internal memory of your device. Therefore, it is possible to retrieve them with the help of recovery software.

However, it is advisable not to save any new file soon after the accidental deletion. You will need to consider this so that you don’t overwrite the deleted PDF files.

How to Recover Deleted PDF Files on Android in Dubai UAE

You can retrieve the deleted PDF files on your Android device with the aid of recovery software. All you have to do is download the right application for your Android device.

First of all, you will have to connect your Android device to a computer and launch the app. In some applications, you will have to select what kind of data recovery you need such as recycle bin recovery, system crash data recovery or virus attack data recovery.

In addition to that, the software may also ask you to choose Android storage before scanning. However, you might have to wait for a couple of minutes before the software completes scanning for deleted files.

Moreover, the software will also let you preview the recovered files after the scan. You can choose the files that you would like to recover while previewing.

Retrieve it with the help of our Experts in Dubai UAE and other locations as well.

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