Data and photos from the drivers, camera, SD card can get corrupted at any time or you may accidentally delete them. However, don’t panic as with the help of the photo recovery software, you can quickly recover your deleted photos and data. 

There are lots of authorized and free data recovery software available in the market that can meet your specific needs. However, before using a data recovery tool, at first, you should know how to use these data recovery software. 

Read to find out how data recovery software can resolve all queries and help you retrieve back the lost photos

How can you use Photo Recovery Software?

The primary objective of a photo recovery software is to detect the list of all the deleted photos. Most of the recovery tools are designed with a ‘wizard’. Like the software installation wizard, photo recovery software also provides you with a user-friendly interface window that allows you to choose the photos from the hard drivers, Camera, and SD card. 

Then, the software scans those pictures and locates the one you wish to recover. In some cases, the recovery software provides a list that localizes the file names. This feature will surely improve photo recovery speed. 

Why Photo Recovery Speed Matters?

Virus attack can remove photos without you having to do anything. The success rate of the photo recovery tool depends on how the hard drive works and how fast your photo recovery software works.

On your computer, when you save a photo, the OS will automatically prepare a marker that will help you to find out the location. Similarly, when you have accidentally deleted a file, the system will automatically delete the mark, however, the information remains in the hard drive. 

Now, when it comes to restoring the deleted files, a speedy photo recovery software will collect the information from the hard drive and restore it to its original version.

Let’s figure out how the photo recovery software works on different drivers.

  • Photo Recovery from Hard Driver

If you wish to recover photos from the USB flash drivers or an external solid-state driver (SSDs), by using a  data recovery software you can easily do so. Remember that, if the disk space has been overwritten, you won’t be able to restore the photos.

  • Recover Photos from a Virus

When it comes to restoring a photo after a virus attack, a photo recovery tool provides you with an opportunity to check how much damage has been done to that specific file. In some rare cases, a disk with a bad sector or virus attack can even ruin the photo integrity. Unfortunately, if this happens to you, then you are not able to restore your deleted photos unless you have a backup.

  • Photo Recovery from the Memory Storage Card

Photo restoring from an SD card can be a challenging task. However, if you use the right photo recovery software, you can quickly do so. Also, in case you haven’t added more recent photos, the SD photo recovery uses an undeleted tool that can help you to restore the photos again.

Tips to Choose the Best Recovery Tool

Now, choosing the right photo recovery software from so many tools can be difficult. These following questions will surely make the task easy for you.

  • Can the tool restore photos from a disk with bad sectors?
  • How quickly can you navigate the located files?
  • Can it retrieve a wide variety of photos?

If you are searching for a reliable and easy to use photo recovery tool, then for your help, here we have discussed 4 top-notches photo recovery tools. Check them out.

  • Disk Drill

It is a free photo recovery tool and can run on both Windows and Mac devices. Disk Drill software is equipped with useful features and specifications that can protect your files. Also, the Guaranteed Recovery copies files can clear the trash bin. Besides, the S.M.A.R.T feature monitors your hard drive and ensures that it is functional. Also, if any risk is there, it warns the user.

  • Piriform Recuva

If you are a Windows user and lost your photos, Piriform Recuva software can be your ultimate choice. This recovery tool has advanced deep scan mode that can preview the images and restore them back to its previous version. Apart from this, Piriform Recuva software can also restore the deleted emails as well as can completely destroy the images that you don’t want any more.

  • DiskDigger

DiskDigger free photo recovery software can run on Windows and Linux systems. This tool has two modes. The first one is the Dig Deep mode. This mode restores the images from the disc you indicated. 

And, the second one is the Dig Deeper mode. With this, you can restore photos from any shade of information, you must allow it to find the files on the disc. Once you run this tool, you will be surprised by its speed. This free software can recover thousands of photos.

  • EaseUS MobiSaver

This free photo recovery software can run on Windows and Mac devices. You can even purchase the premium version of this software. And the most interesting fact is that the Mac paid version is much faster than the Windows.

So, now you get to decide which software suits you the best, based on your preference, device and requirement.