Android Devices are widely used, and the gallery is a primary storage point for all the photographs that you either click with your camera or receive through messages. Photos are our food for happiness. They are the memories, and with the Android gallery, we carry these memories everywhere we go all the time. Losing them could be heartache for us. This article gives you a brief idea of how you can recover deleted photos android without a computer.

Data is valuable, and photos are no exception. Data Backup is a process that everyone must follow in order to restore their lost information. You must schedule a time for taking the backup of all your data.

However, sometimes you tend to lose your precious photographs before the scheduled backup and sometimes it might happen after that. At times, you will find out some of your photos are missing not from just one Android device, but all the synced devices as well. You may not even find it on your cloud storage or backup media storage as well. They just mysteriously disappear.

Why do we lose Photos from Android Devices?

There could be various reasons why you have lost the photographs from your Android Devices.

You could lose photos due to virus or malware attack. Or you could have accidentally deleted the photos you wanted to keep.

The photos could also go missing during the backup process if the process is interrupted. The power loss of your device might result in the incomplete data backup resulting in losing the photos.

Similarly, it could also be because your storage device has become damaged or corrupt. Sometimes, the specific apps or updates also cause conflict with the galleries making some photographs disappear.

It could also be that the format of those photos is no longer being supported by your device. Also, if you restore the data from an unknown backup, this situation may arise. And at times, cache and cookies can also be the reasons for the photo loss on your Android device.

This is the time when you need someone to help you recover your lost data. Let’s move towards the procedure to recover deleted photos android without computers.

How to Recover Deleted Photos Android without Computer?

When a photo goes missing from Android, it doesn’t disappear completely from your system. The path to that image becomes invisible to your eye, as it creates space for storing another image. But It stays in the system for a while before it is lost forever.

So the moment you realize that your photos have gone missing, stop clicking any more pictures or installing any other app. One wrong move and you could lose the data forever.

Recovering deleted photos or data needs a computer often. But what if you are at a place where you can’t access a computer right away. And we all know that the more you wait, the more difficult it gets to recover the missing data, especially if it is a photo.

However, the good thing is you can recover deleted photos Android without a computer.

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