We are living in a digital era and almost all our day to day happenings are recorded in a smartphone. Either we communicate with others or take photos, smartphones play a major role in every task. Particularly, text messages are a hit on smartphones because of instant messaging and easy interface. But often, we inadvertently make mistakes like deleting important text messages while clearing junk or factory reset. So today we are going to learn how to recover deleted texts on Android without a Computer.

There are many tools to recover deleted texts and files through a computer. But often we want our texts back instantly without having a computer around. We will take a deep look into the Android ecosystem and its file system mechanism.

How does Android Store Information?

Android is an open-source operating system having Linux Kernel at its core. Like all smartphones, it has an internal memory for users to store data. Text messages are also stored in the internal memory of the device but it is encrypted and can’t be directly accessed. The default messaging app can only access the data after verifying the meta-data and device integrity.

Text messages or any file for that matter are basically Data bits physically stored in sectors of memory. When there is any change in information, new data bits are written over the existing memory space. But when a file or message is deleted, it is simply removed from user access but the data bits are still present in the memory space. Unless some other information is not written over, the data will remain there.

Android also has a backup system in place. Google backs up every change you make to your smartphone on its cloud so that you can access it later or restore it to the earlier restore point.

Steps to Recover Deleted Texts Without a Computer:

  • Open your text app and go to settings in the top-right corner. There will be a Backup and Restore option. Tap on it and it will open a sub-menu. Go to Restore option and it will show you a list of Backups prepared during the course of time. Go through the list and tap on the date on which you want to restore. It will restore all the messages with all your previous texts intact.
  • Then, open the File Explorer app on the device. Navigate to the Android folder and locate the folder named data. Tap on it to display all the temporary data folders with their respective app name. Temporary data folders are local directories for apps to make changes and store the information in the meantime. Search for and open your text app. You will find a cache folder containing an unmodified database.
  • Next, open your text app again and access settings. Navigate to Backup and Restore and select Restore. There will be a Use Local Backup option. Tap on it and select the file that you sourced from the temporary folder. The messaging app will restore the local backup and then you can have all your text messages in place.

What are Alternative Ways?

Another way you can be to restore the backup of text messages is through your Google Account. Google automatically backs up everything to Google Drive. For the backups to work, you will have to reset the device first. Do note that this process will wipe everything from your device including personal files and photos. So backup all your important files on your computer or just upload it to Google Drive.

  • Open Settings and go to the bottom of the page. You will find the System, tap on it and it will take you to a new menu and find Reset option. It will offer complete data erase. Choose it and enter the set pin to initiate the reset process. The device will switch off itself and restart with all the data erased. Do not touch the phone and interrupt this process.
  • The device will start with a welcome screen. Tap on start and initiate the setup process. It will ask for your Google account username and password and will show you a list of available device backups. Choose the desired date of the backup to recover your deleted texts. The recovery process will begin and Google will download every message and personal file from its server. Hopefully, you will get your messages back.

These are some easy ways you can recover your deleted text messages. Apart from this, you can get your files back through rooting and modifying the system which would require technical knowledge. We hope that you find this guide helpful and helped you recover your texts without using a computer. If you are still getting difficulties to recover deleted texts on android then you can directly contact our Data Recovery Dubai to get an instant solution from our tech professionals.