Samsung Android phones are in great demand for daily use among people. If you have lost data on your Samsung mobile then no need to worry. There is a guaranteed solution for the data loss with the best-in-class Samsung Android phone data recovery software. Along with the best data recovery system, we assure you the best security for your Android mobile while recovering data.

When to Choose Samsung Mobile Data Recovery?

There are chances that you might encounter data loss or corrupted data on external storage on your Samsung Android mobile. If you have already faced such a scenario then you can retrieve all data like a pro with our software.

The software works for the following circumstances. Let’s check if you have matching circumstances from below.

  • If you have mistakenly deleted any photo, video, audio files from the internal storage of the Samsung mobile.
  • If the internal memory of the mobile has crashed.
  • In case, the device gets damaged or corrupted.
  • The external storage or the SD card has crashed or corrupted, recently.

Exclusive Features of Samsung Mobile Data Recovery Software 

There are other Mobile Data Recovery Software available in the market. But this software has some additional features so that you don’t have to keep your personal and private data at any risk, anymore. The software is equipped with various functionalities that make this software one of its kind.

Retrieve Data from Broken and Damaged Samsung Devices

Along with the ability to restore data from a corrupted drive, the software enables you to restore data from a damaged Samsung phone. Make sure if the Samsung mobile has gone through any of the following instances.

  • The screen of the Samsung mobile got damaged
  • You can’t access the files on your android device and the reason is unknown to you
  • You can’t open the lock screen of the phone as you have forgotten the password of the phone
  • The Samsung mobile screen suddenly goes black out
  • You can’t reach the option of USB debugging

Compatible with Various Samsung Models

Are you looking for data recovery software as per the model number of the Samsung Android mobile? Then your search should end here. This Samsung Mobile Data Recovery Software supports over two hundred models of Samsung Android mobile phones.

You don’t have to look out for another software for rooted and unrooted Samsung devices. This software is all-in-one. If you run this software on your Samsung device the software brings no change to your particular Samsung device.

Safety First

We never like to compromise with the safety measures of your Samsung Android mobiles. We are glad to inform you that this software is a read-only software. It is never going to impose any unnecessary changes with your Samsung mobile or its saved data.

Additionally, all the accounts registered on your Samsung devices are not interfered with by the software. You can blindly trust the software and its effectiveness. No other person is able to see the data of the Samsung mobile except you.

How to Restore Data with Samsung Mobile Data Recovery Software?

Firstly, you need to download and install the software on your computer system. Ensure that you opt for the correct Operating system while choosing the Download option. You can retrieve data in the following three ways.

Way 1: Retrieve Data from Samsung Android Device

After installing the software on your device, you need to perform the steps below. The steps are very simple to follow and implement.

  1. Launch the software and select the Data Recovery option. You need to connect the Android device to the computer. Use a USB.
  2. Next, click on the types of files to be scanned.
  3. The scanning will start to recover deleted or corrupted files. When the process completes, click on the Next option. You can preview the recovered data and save it to a specific drive on your computer.

Way 2: Recover Data from SD Card

If you want to retrieve data from a formatted, crashed, or corrupted SD card then please follow the guidelines below.

  1. You have to launch the software and connect the SD card to the computer. Proceed with the Next option.
  2. Select either the Standard or Advanced mode for scanning the SD card. Now, tap the Next button.
  3. The scanning has started and you can notice the restorable files there. Click on the Data Recovery button to complete the process.

Way 3: Retrieve Data from a Broken Samsung Device

If your Samsung phone has been broken then you can use the same software to recover the lost data.

  1. Explore the Android Data Recovery software. Next, select the Data Recovery option. Connect the broken phone to your computer. Choose the Recover Data From Android option.
  2. Next, you have to select the data types that you wish to restore. Proceed with the Next button. After that, you need to mention the fault of your phone.
  3. Additionally, mention the Samsung Android model. Keep clicking on the Next option until the Confirm option appears. Next, switch off the phone to get the Download mode. Please use the on-screen guidelines.
  4. The analyze mode will start and you can view the preview of restored data. Finally, opt for the Recover option.

The software is easy to download and use. This is your one-stop destination to solve any kind of data loss issues on Samsung Android mobiles.

Why Choose Us?

We help you to get your lost, corrupted data back from your broken, damaged, or crashed Samsung Android phones. The Samsung Android phone data recovery software is certified. Moreover, you can enjoy the benefits of using this software for your Samsung Android smartphone.


You can lose data on any device, anytime. If you have to avail any service to restore the data, it can take a longer time. In case, you opt for our Samsung Android data recovery software the procedure would be more convenient and faster.

Guaranteed Data Recovery

Our software is just a read-only software. It doesn’t overwrite anything on the memory space on the Samsung Android smartphone. It guarantees you almost everything recoverable after a severe data loss.

Contact Us Whenever Needed

If you need any kind of assistance while using the software or post application of the software, you can reach us. Feel free to contact us whenever you are facing any kind of difficulty while running the software.

Our customer care executives are actively involved in serving you all around the clock. You can report your message to them and the technical experts will reach you with the best solution as soon as possible.