The Diagnosis related to the processing of a Hard Disk indicates a head crash, that’s what it is and how it happens.

 Head Crash, the fatal physical damage!

The hard disk read / write heads, very delicate components, are normally found at a distance of a few microns from the disk surface supported only by the air cushion created due to the rotation of the plates containing the stored information.

When the heads are resting on the surface of the disk causing damage to the magnetic layer we speak of “head crash”,  that is the collision between the read and write heads of the disk and the surface of the plates, which remove the magnetic material that covers them. It may happen that the scratches are clearly visible on the upper part of the plates or not visible to the naked eye because they are present on the lower part.

The consequences of a head crash are almost always fatal. Modern hard disks have an electric motor that turns the pacts of the disk at a speed ranging from 5400 rpm (revolutions per minute) to 15,000 rpm.

A disk that has suffered a head crash should be turned off immediately: the continuous rotation of the platter with the read / write head resting on the surface does nothing but aggravate the physical damage to make recovery technically impossible.

How does it happen? Just consider that the space between the head of a hard disk and the magnetic surface is a few millionths of a millimeter, so a bump or fall is enough to cause a head crash.

The main causes of a head crash are as follows:

  1. Fall of the support
  2. Impacts or strong vibrations to the support
  3. Manufacturing defect
  4. Normal mechanical wear

The clean room is a Class 100 environment equipped with a total-block dust filter ( quality range – 99.999% – particles of 0.3 microns), making it an isolated room. Therefore, opening a hard disk is only possible in a dust-free environment.

The l recovery is not possible as the print head during the collision removes the magnetic layer where the data is recorded, the information is so physically removed from the disk.

Sometimes it is possible to exclude from the reading the damaged area of ​​the surface, there will be only a partial recovery. However, if the extent of the damage does not allow this operation, recovery becomes technically impossible.

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