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Data recovery restores lost data from all kinds of storage devices. Loss of data can happen due to a number of reasons like accidental deletion, Windows reinstallation, system booting failure, partition loss, hard drive accidental formatting and many others. Data recovery helps in recovering specific data or information which otherwise is inaccessible due to physical or logical damage of storage device.

What Is Data Recovery?

The storage drive is made up of a set of electronic equipment which sometimes fails abruptly, gets damaged or stops working normally. This tends to cause loss of data from the storage device. This storage drive includes the Hard disk drive, USB, laptop, desktop internal hard drive, SD card, flash drive solid state drive etc. Data recovery experts look for the required files around the storage area and get it recovered even if the drive does not function normally.

Data Recovery For Home Users

How Does Data Recovery Work?

The data recovery technique varies depending upon the type of storage media. It also takes other factors into account such as how data loss occurred, the software used to create the backup of lost data and finally the target media used as a backup. For instance, many backup software applications allow users to automatically recover lost data from files and folder. However to recover data from the backup of a corrupted database is a complex process and requires professional IT help.

Data is stored on hard drive platters. This platter revolves at a rate of 800-15000 RPM, while the read-write actuator functions at a close proximity to the platter surface. Failure of actuator arm or platter leads to permanent loss of stored data. With the rise in demand for storage capacity, companies develop new techniques to store large data within smaller storage devices. This makes data recovery a more complex and time-consuming technique.

The deleted data continues to exist around the storage device and can be recovered later using data recovery tools and services. The data recovery technique includes a powerful algorithm which scans the storage device and makes a list of deleted entries. It lets user preview the file before recovering it.

However, the advanced recovery software fails to recover severely damaged files and folders or the ones whose header content has been modified by Virus and Trojans. In such circumstances, you can contact a data recovery expert to see if they can recover your data.

What Causes Data Loss?

The data loss can be classified into two categories. First due to logical failure and the second is the physical failure.

Logical Failure:

Logical Failure occurs to both traditional as well as modern hard drives. In logical failure, users cannot access the drive but still, it is visible under BIOS or Disk Management. Some of the common reasons that cause logical failure are registry damage, OS failure, file system corruption etc. It does not damage the internal structure of the hard drive. So there is a good chance of recovering complete data if the data recovery process is followed carefully. A good data recovery software or a professional help can help you easily recover data from inaccessible storage device.

Physical Failure:

Physical failure of a storage drive can lead to data loss which is hard to recover. The storage drive becomes inaccessible and users need to go to data recovery experts to retrieve lost files.

Limitations Of Data Recovery

Data recovery is not always successful and completely depends on the situation in which a file has been deleted. Here are some of the reasons which make data recovery unsuccessful:

  • A drastically damaged storage device
  • Files that have been deleted or lost a long time back
  • The stored location cannot be detected by the recovery program
  • Data in the file has been overwritten
  • Virus or Trojans has made changes to file header

Some Important Points About Data Recovery

Data recovery is an important technique to recover lost data. For this you need not be a computer expert or tech-savvy, instead just have some basic computer knowledge. All you need is proper information and well-guided instruction to smoothly recover almost all kinds of lost or deleted data from complex situations. If you are unsure of how to recover data then go for a data recovery expert instead of trying on your own and causing further damage to the storage device.