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Data lost??? Don’t panic.We are here to recover.

Advancement in technology has led us into an era of efficiency and innovations. In today’s time, we are dependent on technology professionally as well as personally. Now, gadgets are not just luxury, they have become a necessity. We require them to run our day to day life. Even a day without our gadgets like the mobile phone is unimaginable. It pauses our lives. From business data to personal data, we store all our vital information on devices like computer, mobile phones, laptops etc. If you are having any issue in reaccessing your stored data, contact UAE data recovery at our toll-free number: 600 544 549.

What if these devices get infected by a virus, gets corrupted, get physical damaged or if some hardware malfunction occurs? You will find yourself panicked and helpless, as now all your data is lost.Or imagine a situation that you lost all data from your work computer or server. What will you do? This data loss can also be due to accidental deleting of files or overwriting the files that we don’t want to. As updating or deleting data is a widespread activity that we do almost daily. You don’t need to worry, we are here to help.

100% recovery happens here. If we can’t, no one can.

Now the lost data from your devices doesn’t need to be permanent. Our team you with a wide range of services in  Dubai which can help and assist you to protect and recover your lost data up to 100 %. We are a leading and trusted brand providing the finest our data recovery services. We have a squad of qualified and experienced technicians, how are capable enough to recover the lost data, no matter what the situation and circumstances are.

Why is your data lost?

Data loss can be due to multiple reasons. So the primary reason for losing your essential data are-

  • Physical Damage
  • Damaged USB components
  • Damage due to overheating
  • Wear out of storage memory
  • Internal or external hard drive damage
  • Water damage
  • smoke and fire damage
  • Unintended deletion or formatting of data
  • Hardware malfunction
  • System gets corrupted
  • Device get infected by the virus

Our primary services

If you had dropped your phone in water,  locked out your Smartphone, or encountered any other issue which resulted in data loss from your mobile, you don’t need to worry. We have the record of fruitful data recovery from internal memory storage, flash memory devices. Our professionals have expertise in recovering data lost due to any internal or external damage from your smartphone, laptop, PCs or any other electronic device. There are many considerations to what might happen; please contact us at our toll-free number- 600 544 549, then our professionals will examine the situation and will tell you whether your data is recoverable or not.

We provide data recovery services for following:

Devices based on iOS

iOS-based devices store the data in internal memory. If you have erased or deleted your data by mistake and you want to recover it, then don’t worry our technicians are there to help. We have the most skilled and experienced technicians who can retrieve your data in no time.

Android Devices

Unlike iOS, Android uses various storage devices like Micro- SD cards, SIM cards. Our data recovery professionals can recover data from your dead android devices. No matter what damage it has encountered, our technicians can retrieve it with ease.

Windows Mobile phones

Many of the mobile phones run on the Windows operating system. We with our skilled professionals provide you with the best data recovery service. We can quickly recover your data from your devices, whether it is physically damaged or damaged logically.

Data Recovery from Laptops/Macbook

Our data recovery technicians can retrieve data from your laptop, even if your laptop is not powering or the storage device is severely damaged. We can recover your data quickly even from your dead laptop. We can regain your data, no matter what the operating system you were using or what brand of laptop you were using. Whether it is windows operation system, Mac OS or MS-DOS, we can restore your data in no time.

Hard drive

Imagine the scenario, you are working on your computer and saved your data on an external hard drive, but later you are not able to access it, and then you find out that your external hard drive is not responding. Our team of expert technicians can restore your data from your damaged external hard drive as well as from internal hard drive.

Cell phone

The cell phone has narrow functionality in comparison to the Smartphones. But still cell phones also store important data like SMS, MMS, Emails, etc.

USB Drive

If you have dropped your USB drive in water or it has been damaged due to any other reason, and you are not able to access your data then don’t worry our technicians have experience in recovering data from such situations.

Why choose us?

If you chose us following are the perks that you are going to get-

24X7 customer support
Quick services
On-site assistance
Off-site services
Free pickup and delivery facilities
Guaranteed data recovery
Same day service
We never compromise on quality
Best and skilled professionals

Give us a chance to serve, what you deserve

Our prime motto is to provide the best services which grant satisfaction to our customers. We have a team of expert data recovery professionals who can recover data in a wide range of circumstances and situations. We never compromise with the quality and provides the excellent assistance to our valuable clients and that too at affordable price.