With the rapid growth of the internet usage, the data recovery has become a major concern in the world. Similarly, digital forensics is scientifically proven as one of the most effective methods of identifying digital evidence. Our Digital Forensics services include preservation, validation, analysis, and presentation of your digital information. We carefully extract this information from the digital sources like hard drives, memory sticks, CD/DVDs.

The basic role of our digital forensics team is to support or corroborate evidence made by the defendants and prosecutors. Basically, we recover the erased digital evidence to disprove a claim in civil proceedings. We also offer exclusive services in intrusion or corporate investigations including network and log review. Also, our forensic services help in deep analysis with the recent technologies and tools.

Featured Aspects that our Digital Forensics Services Look After

Our digital forensics services team is eligible enough to transfer highly complex concepts to a diverse range of audiences. Also, preparing suitable reports for legal proceedings is a part of our services. You can look into some of the aspects that we aim to take care of.

Digital Forensics Services

Computer Forensics

Our efficient forensic team can help you figure out the current state of your computer and obtain evidence from it. After thoroughly examining your internet history and system logs, we extract the important data from your device.

Here is a list of the artifacts that we extract from such investigations:

  • File Transfer Logs
  • Text Communication Logs
  • Internet Browsing History
  • Pictures, Videos, Music, and Graphics
  • Checking System logs and Event Logs
  • Sensitive Spreadsheets and Documents
  • Hidden, Temporary, Password-Protected, and Deleted Files
  • Checking Pirated, Legitimate, or Illicit Software Installation

Mobile Forensics

In order to retrieve digital evidence from mobile devices, you can reach out to our Digital Forensics Services. We efficiently investigate text messages and call logs including detecting location via cell site logs or GPS. Additionally, we help to investigate other communication stores like Whatsapp, WeChat, and BBM etc.

Other artifacts that you can retrieve with us:

  • Emails, SMS, IRC Chat Logs
  • GPS and Location-Based Data
  • Outgoing and Incoming Call Logs
  • Service Provider and Phone Number Information
  • Contact Details from Calendars and Address Books

Network Forensics

Similarly, we monitor and detect WAN/LAN and internet traffic at the packet level. Also, retrieving and analyzing logs from multiple resources fall under our services. So connect with us for determining the extent of the intrusion with our forensic experts.

Forensic Data Analysis

If you are looking forward to investigating financial frauds and correlating the financial data, let us know. Our forensic team works with the Certified Fraud Examiners to detect the fraudulent activities and help you recover your important computer data.  

Undoubtedly, all kinds of litigation employ digital evidence effectively. Whether it’s a criminal defense case, work environment issues or an intellectual property matter, our forensic investigators recover all the evidence efficiently.

Perks of Choosing our Digital Forensic Services

Undoubtedly, our digital forensic team is dedicated to carrying out various projects relating to digital forensic activities. Our efficient experts co-operate with law enforceable authorities in the forensic investigation. Similarly, we also involve ourselves in internal corporate investigations for our valuable clients.

You can expect the following from our Digital Forensic Services:

  • Constant remote assistance
  • An immediate response from our end
  • 100% guaranteed forensic investigation
  • Instant initiative for digital forensic data recovery
  • 24*7 online support services with online live-chat session
  • Easy communication means like emails, text messages and phone calls

Dial Our Helpline Number (045864034)

Straightaway, you can dial our helpline number for digital forensic services and get a quick response from our end. Without hesitation, you can share your concerns with us and avail of our round the clock services. In order to provide core forensic services to our clients, we are constantly working on improving our efficiency and transparency. So contact us now and get exclusive forensic solutions.