Nowadays, small-large scale business owners store the essential data in digital devices. Starting from documents to audio, everything can be stored in these storage mediums. Though, cloud storage solutions keep sensitive data safe. But, cybercriminals can access and remove cloud data.

From 2020-2021, millions of companies have faced data breaches. Do you know that from January to June 2021, almost 18.8 billion data records were exposed? Yes! With phishing email scams, cyber attackers get easy access to the user’s private data.

Though, antivirus software prevents hackers from breaking into the devices. But, sometimes, these anti-ransomware programs might stop working due to connectivity issues. In certain instances, businesses might face severe data loss. After that, you might end up losing the client and other company associates. Data breaches are inevitable but not unpreventable. And, there are a handful of data recovery companies that can retrieve data if there’s no backup.

Search “data recovery company near me” and choose a leading company. However, sometimes choosing the right data recovery service agency can be daunting.

So, here we have enlisted the names of the top-rated data recovery service providers of 2021:

1. Smart Data Recovery — A Leading Data Recovery Company 

You might have accidentally deleted some of your office files. But, you can get them back by joining hands with Smart Data Recovery. Starting from recovering HDD to server data, this company can retrieve everything. Moreover, Smart Data Recovery has acquired immense positive responses from 10000+ clients. Their experts have successfully recovered data from 4670+ storage devices. Furthermore, this company has restored the corrupted data from 2600+ laptops. And, they have retrieved formatted data from 2500+ PCs.

Are you unable to find an email attachment after a cyberattack? Consider contacting this renowned data recovery company. With their on-site assistance, you can prevent unwanted data loss scenarios. Moreover, if you want immediate data recovery services, connect with them.

Get affordable service deals and save 1000 AEDs by joining their service network. But, before booking them, check the list of the data recovery services they offer:

  • Android and iOS Data Recovery Services
  • Server Data Recovery Services
  • Mac Data Recovery Services
  • Raid Data Recovery Services
  • Laptop Data Recovery Services
  • NAN/SAN Data Recovery Services
  • Internal and External Data Recovery Services
  • HDD & SSD Data Recovery Services
  • And, Desktop Data Recovery Services

Smart Data Recovery can recover data from water damaged hard drives. Moreover, if you want to restore the missing data on SD cards, they can do that also. So, what are you waiting for? Join this leading data recovery company today.

2. UAE Data Recovery — An Eminent Data Recovery Service Agency

Do you reside in Dubai and need instant data recovery? Book an appointment with the UAE Data Recovery expert. And, being a top-ranked data recovery service provider, they offer effective solutions. More than 1200+ business owners have availed their remarkable data recovery services. Whether you want to recover documents or audio files, they can retrieve every type of data.

This company has acquired widespread recognition for offering a wide range of services. Their experts have elevated the customer’s expectations with their accuracy and reliability. Did you know that their professional team has a 100% success rate in recovering lost data? Yes! Even UAE Data Recovery experts can recover data within a quick turnaround time. Additionally, the UAE Data Recovery offers services in both homes and offices.

Their team of professionals can restore data from the damaged hard drives efficiently. Do you know what the customers like most about this data recovery company? Their experts are available round the clock for safely retrieving the deleted data. And, the UAE Data Recovery can recover data from the following storage devices:

  • Hard Disk
  • USB Flash Drives
  • SSD
  • RAID
  • Server

3. Stellar Information Technology Private Limited — An Authorised Data Recovery Company

Stellar Information Technology provides in-lab data recovery services. And, this company is widely known for recovering data from critical data loss events. Did you lose the business data after a firmware corruption or due to a RAID crash? Take professional support from Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.

With their professional’s involvement, you can get back every type of data on the laptop. And, this company has successfully managed to collaborate with 100+ veteran experts. Additionally, their data recovery specialist has 25+ years of experience in this field. More than 3 million customers have availed of their impeccable data recovery services. Do you need more information about this data recovery company? Go to their website and contact them to get the required details.

4. Gillware — One of the Best Data Recovery Service Providers

You must have heard about this company, right? Gillware is a renowned data recovery service provider that offers guaranteed solutions. Since its inception, this company has made unparalleled contributions in retrieving inaccessible data.

Moreover, they have deployed professionals who have recovered data from 100000+ devices. If you want to restore important office documents at an affordable price, go for Gillware.

Additionally, their professionals follow a strategic approach for data recovery. More than 2000+ clients have recommended Gillware to their friends and family. Gillware’s experts use advanced lab equipment for a high success rate. All the data recovery works are carried out in a clean-room facility.

Has the hard drive’s magnetic platter been damaged recently? Visit the official website of Gillware and get instant professional assistance. Here is the list of the data recovery services this company offers to their clients:

  • Virtual Server Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • RAID Data Recovery
  • And, Flash Data Recovery

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Data Recovery Service Company

Before choosing the right data recovery company, certain criteria need to be checked. Look for the company’s website and verify k if there’s any legitimate information. Check if that company has included the certifications of their professionals. And, always go for a data recovery service provider who has at least 10+ years of experience in this field.

Look for the type of data the professionals can recover. Don’t forget to check the service agency’s reviews and ratings; that’s also important. So, take time, do proper research and then only proceed with the data recovery booking process.