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Diagnosis Time: 40 Minutes
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USB Software (Logical) Problems 249 AED 3 Days
USB Firmware/ Integrated Issues 367 AED 4 Days

Memory Cards, Hybrid Hard Disk Drives, USB Thumb Drives, and all other media storage devices work on Flash-based Technology. It is portable, lightweight and pretty much convenient in today’s culture. However, just like every other electronic media, flash drives are quite vulnerable to failure due to its heavy usage. In this regard, our USB Flash and SD Recovery Team have years of experience in recovering those Flash Drive Data.

Make USB Flash and SD Recovery Easier With Us

From camera memory cards to solid state drives (SSD), we can retrieve data from all of them efficiently. In case you have accidentally formatted or deleted the flash media, logical failure may also arise. On the other hand, physically damaged hard drive recovery include replacing or modifying the damaged components. Our data recovery abu dhabi, sharjah and dubai experts use the latest software and tools to do that task efficiently.

In order to perform USB Flash and SD Recovery efficiently, we have adopted the cutting edge proprietary equipment. We have a certified clean room environment where we deal with the physically damaged hard drives. Therefore, no permanent destruction of your data can take place at our service center.

USB Flash and SD Recovery Services

What Causes Physical Data Extortion?

There can be various reasons behind the physical failure of your USB Flash and USB drives. Also, it causes deterioration of the electrical components results in physical data failure. Sometimes, an electrical error may also cause the same. In that case, you should refrain from using the USB drive again and ignore any further damage. In this regard, we give you an opportunity to recover your flash drive data effectively.

These are the flash drive components where we specialize in recovering your data:

  • Microdrives SD Card
  • Smart media(SM) SD Card
  • XD memory cards
  • Compact flash(CF) SD Card
  • USB thumb drives SD Card
  • Memory sticks(MS)
  • Multimedia cards(MMC)
  • Secure Digital (SD) cards

Data Recovery Dubai Price

Software (Logical) Problems 250 3 Days
Firmware Problems 720 5 Days
Printed Circuit Board Related Problems 820 5-7 Days
Bad Blocks Problems 945 5-7 Days
Heads Related Problems 1410-2445 14 Days
Stuck Heads 1460 3 Days
Motor/HDA Related Problems 1765 14 Days
SSD Software (Logical) Problems 370 5 Days
SSD Firmware / Electrical Problems 1000 5 Days
RAID Software (Logical) Problems 749 5-7 Days
RAID Firmware Problems / Initialization Fail 1445 5-7 Days

Why Choose Our USB Flash and SD Recovery Services?

From magnetic digital storage technology to flash based media, the data recovery sharjah, dubai and abu dhbai industry has faced many challenges till now. Surprisingly, the flash technology is non-standardized. One memory chip structure is completely different from another. Even the same manufacturer builds different models of flash drives which is quite strange.

Our USB Flash and SD data recovery shops in sharjah, dubai and abu dhabi are determined to get rid of the technological hurdle and build a sustainable solution. Keeping that in mind, we have developed multiple complex recovery tools and techniques. In fact, we also deal with the infamous monolithic tools in micro SD cards. Therefore, our success rate has grown rapidly by accessing data directly from NAND.

Take a look at the major Key Points Of Our Data Recovery Services:

  • Round the clock remote assistance
  • 100% flash drive data recovery guarantee
  • An immediate response to your phone call
  • 24*7 online support along with online live-chat session
  • Instant recovery measures for eliminating major data loss
  • Simple communication networks like emails and phone calls

All things considered, our USB Flash and SD Recovery team are proud of being among the few companies offering such data recovery services. Regardless of time, we aim to efficiently handle the inaccessible SSDs, USB sticks and memory cards. Therefore, we ensure a complete extortion of our various data recovery methods to recover your flash drive data.

Our Other Data Recovery Services

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