Email Data Recovery Services in Dubai UAE at Very Affordable Price

E-mail is an indispensable work tool. More and more local mailboxes represent a database of information sometimes with invaluable values. For professional and business use, email messages are stored in local email archives managed by software pre-installed on personal computers or by third-party applications.

Losing e-mail can be a huge damage

  1. Causes Loss of e-mail data
  2. Damage to the hard disk
  3. Erasing accidental messages
  4. Damage to the e-mail file
  5. Accidental formatting and reinstallation of the operating system

Our Data Recovery Specialist has created specific software solutions to resolve all cases of loss of e-mail data.

In particular we have created the  Recovery Tool software, a technological revolution.

The software is able to recover email messages even if they have been deleted from your folder, if the computer has been reformatted and / or overwritten.

Recovery tool is able to recover in a universal way any message encoded in RFC 8222 that has had a presence on the logical surface of your Hard Disk, independently from the mail software used or from the operating system. Call us: 045864034

E-mail recovery and forensic certification

Today’s case is particular but we cannot call it rare. We have received the request to officially certify the presence of some emails on a notebook PC so that they can be used for procedural and permitted uses.

The request

We explain you better: given a lawsuit in progress it is necessary to certify the presence and the effective exchange of emails between two mail users, concentrated on specific contents and in well defined periods, and to describe what is localized in an official certification, drawn up by the Technical Manager of laboratory, able to testify what exists and it was possible to see on the analyzed device.

To retrieve emails and certify their presence, a forensic investigation is required

In these cases we can intervene only and exclusively through a forensic level survey, the only data recovery intervention modality able to ascertain, without possibility of error or contamination, the actual state of contents and memories, and make it official for permitted uses.

IS ? It is important that the device is not tampered with, altered or modified in any way.

Forensic data recovery operations allow to track the activities of a memory with extreme accuracy, to define with extreme precision what can be verified and how much is not verifiable, and to localize the contents in terms of date and times, texts, recipients and senders .

In order to ensure a targeted research specifically designed to achieve interesting content for our client, it is necessary, or rather indispensable, to receive as much information as possible about the object of the research to be performed.

In the case of the mail search, for example, it is necessary to know:

  • Users’ Email Addresses
  • Type Of Mail Server Used
  • Time Indications (Such As Dates, Time Periods, Times)
  • Mail Objects
  • Keywords And / Or Contexts
  • Validity Of Forensic Certification

The forensic investigation certification that certifies in writing the activity of data recovery and research carried out, indicates what is the tangible result of such research; it is an official document, valid for legal purposes, which can be established as evidence.

The technician who draws up and signs the forensic certification assumes full responsibility for what is indicated in the content of the same.