Hard Drive data recovery in Dubai


Hard Drive data recovery in Dubai

Hard Drive Data Recovery services: Excellent data recovery in Dubai

A hard disk drive is a hardware that is used to store and retrieve data on your computer and laptops. It is a non-volatile storage medium, so it is widely used to store data. It is used to store personal as well as professional data. But suppose if you lose all your data in it due to some logical failure, physical damage or sudden due crash of hard drive. And you don’t even have its backup. You now don’t need to panic. We at UAE data recovery provide you with 100% data recovery guarantee.

We offer you with multiple solutions to recover your lost data. Our technicians have the practice of working with external as well as internal hard drives of all models and sizes. We will recover your vital data no matter how complicated the case is. We assure you that we grant you best data recovery service in Dubai.

Reasons behind crashing of hard disk

The hard disk can be corrupted due to many reasons. Some of the scenarios are listed below-

  1. Unintentional deletion of critical files.
  2. Hard drive failure due to a faulty power supply
  3. OS Reinstallation.
  4. Damaged or deleted MBR
  5. Physical damage to the hard disk.
  6. Corrupted files.
  7. Accidental update of data/files

Why are we different?

Hard drives can corrupt due to varieties of causes like crashing or physical damage. Our team is capable enough to protect or recover your lost data. We use non- destructive methods to retrieve your data like drive cloning. In this, we pick up data sector by sector and then work on it. This ensures the safety of authentic drive structure. Providing best service to our customer is our main agenda.

How do we work?

  • Bring your stuff to us

You can bring your hard drive to our data recovery service centre, or you can also schedule a free pick up service. Our team representative will come to your location to collect it. We are available 24X7.

  •  Diagnosis of your device

Our technicians will diagnose your hard disk. They will explain you the issue and our pricing policy. If you are unsatisfied with the cost, no problem we are happy to provide you with a diagnosis.

  •  Recover your files.

If you are satisfied with the cost, our technician will start working to recover your lost data. We will surely recover it as soon as possible.

How to reach us?

We are available 24X7 in your service. You may contact us by writing an email or by calling us at our toll-free number  600 544 549.