Along with the need for digitization, the need for the latest external hardware drives also tends to increase at a high-level. As soon as the dual-lens cameras and 4k video recordings, the size of the media files is increasing in a rapid manner. And obviously, nobody likes to increase the population of their Memory Card or Computer. So the requirements for Hard Drives are going to its highest extent. Though after the introduction of the cloud storage, half of the population has shifted there. But people still don’t trust their security flaws and tend to look for trustworthy traditional storage devices. Read this blog to know more about how to Recover Data From Corrupted Memory Card.

Unfortunately, modern external devices are too vulnerable and delicate for us to handle. A single wrong move leads to complete data corruption and that can be the worst nightmare for most of the people. You will lose access to all of your important images, audio and video collections. So if you can’t deal with it correctly, this loss is going to permanent soon and you never really wanted this to happen. This article introduces you to the effective methods to restore your corrupted data from memory card. Following these methods, you can safeguard your data and restore your memory card to its original health.

Is your SD Card Unreadable? Or Showing a Blank Screen?

We tend to store our important data on our phone memory. So we can represent them any time we want. Even we spend so much money on buying memory cards with more expandable memory to keep more amount of data. But are they really safe there? Most of the users have complained that their SD Card shows up different problems after a certain period of time. For example, it becomes completely unreadable or comes up with a blank screen. And that might leave you clueless at times when you cannot get rid of it even after trying a lot. Follow the steps from here and Recover Data From Corrupted Memory Card immediately before the damage actually starts taking place.

Connect the SD Card to Another Device

Most of the time, the device can be responsible for the damage to your memory card. As soon as you encounter this problem, you can insert your SD Card in another device and check if it’s working properly in that device. If it works fine, it’s all good and you have to look for the repair option for your cell phone. But in case it still doesn’t work in the other device, you can directly move forward to the next step.

Switch to the CHKDSK Command

If your memory card still doesn’t work on another platform, you can finally make use of your laptop. The first thing you need to do is, connect your SD Card to your system with a card reader. Click on the Start menu of your PC and open the Command Prompt. In case you are not able to find it out, type cmd in the Run search box on your Windows. Now look for your SD Card drive after selecting the This PC option. After that, you have to jot down the drive letter. Then you have to type chkdsk<memory card drive letter>:/f in the Command Prompt and hit Enter. Once you complete this method, the command prompt will work from its end to restore your memory card.

Time to Designate a Fresh Drive Letter

After connecting your SD Card to your PC, if the command prompt doesn’t allocate a drive letter or displays an error message, then your PC has not reached the memory card yet. The system may direct you to insert the disk into drive E and you can be completely clueless about it. In that situation, you just have to enter the drive letter explicitly from the system settings. There you can manually change the drive letter and get rid of this conflict.

Reinstalling your Driver – Also Works

Most of the time, reinstalling your driver can resolve most of your system problems. You can navigate to the Device Manager from the Control Panel and then go to Disk Drives. Now uninstall the default drive by right-clicking on the label of the memory card. As soon as you uninstall your drive, restart your system. At last, reconnect your SD Card and check if it is showing you the necessary file options.

Format your SD Card and get Data Recovery Support

When none of the above solutions is working out for you, formatting your SD Card is the last option left for you. As per the experts, you should take the help of Data Recovery Dubai in order to recover your missing files after formatting your SD Card. 

Another Important Note on this Section

If the write protection of your memory card is enabled, the files may not be visible sometimes. So before you start with the procedure, make sure the write protection option is off on your SD Card.