In the event of a loss of data, we advise you to strictly observe our recommendations, but above all to turn off the computer and to entrust us with the device for recovery.

Data storage technology and in particular hard disks have become much more reliable than in the past, but despite this, there is a real probability of finding the situation of failures that can lead to substantial data loss. Statistics show that data losses are more caused by hardware errors and mistakes by the operators themselves, rather than by violent events such as natural disasters.

The main  methods of protection  are rescue (backup) or duplication of resources, sometimes even geographically located. Surely even the use of clean, air-conditioned environments, combined with a stabilized power supply, will further protect your system.

Many users consider data loss as a completely causal and undeniable event. Instead, not only  is data recovery possible , but sometimes the same loss event is predicted and avoidable based on the symptoms sent to us by our computer. Like all devices with moving parts, hard drives are more likely to have problems with wear. The appearance of strange noises during the operation of the disc, accompanied by the slowing down of the operations, are often the first signs of disc pain.

The heads travel at a few millionths of a millimeter from the surface. A contact with the dish ruins the magnetic film causing a head crash and an immediate loss of information. Or, a worn bearing could suddenly obstruct the operation of the engine, making the data inaccessible. There are numerous other external factors that can affect the operation such as power surges or mechanical damage.

These faults have in common the fact that they directly involve the hardware of the storage device ( physical faults ).

There are several problems caused by alterations in the data structure, causing information to be unavailable, despite the fact that the disk functions correctly ( soft logic problems – logical failures  ). This category includes cases of accidental data manipulations such as deletions, formatting and the like

Our experience shows that the most serious damage frequently occurs due to inappropriate user actions. Get the best Data Recovery Services by UAE Data Recovery Professionals in Dubai.