The White Room , also called  clean room , is a particular work environment where the air is much cleaner than normal.

For example, the clean room adopted by UAE Data Recovery  is a Class 100 environment equipped with  a  total blocking particle filter of dust particles  (quality range –99.999% – particles 0.3 micron), thus making it an isolated room. The opening of a hard disk, in fact, is only possible within a totally dust-free environment, otherwise the risk is contamination with the consequent head crash or the creation of micro-scratches equally fatal for the data.

In a horizontal flow hood the purity of the air is guaranteed by low-speed fans which, thanks to HEPA filters  ,  which retain the polluting particles (eg dust), introduce  perfectly clean air into the  clean room .Such chambers are normally used in science and industrial research, but also in the electronic field, in particular in  hard disk assembly operations and in data recovery operations  .

In case of mechanical failure of the hard disk, no software is able to access the data contained in the support. It is therefore necessary to open the hard disk, which is possible only in a protected and controlled environment such as the clean room . In fact, the pollution of internal dishes would make data recovery impossible or very difficult. Suffice it to say that only one grain of dust between the surface of the disk and the read head can literally destroy the valuable data it contains.

UAE Data Recovery  carries out all critical processing in a clean environment (clean room – clean room) with the use of class 100 and class 10 horizontal flow hoods ,as required by US Federal Standard 209 / E.

A class 100  environment  is the bare minimum in which to open a hard disk: in this environment, no more than 3,520 dust particles (0.5 µm in size) per cubic meter of air are allowed.

The class 10  environment  dictates even more stringent regulations, bringing the number of particles allowed to only 352 units per cubic meter.