Did you ever encounter a situation where you have lost all the data from your PC? Or, it might be the case that you have unintentionally removed the data. However, this is a common issue and can be dealt with ease if you follow the basic guidelines. The data can be lost because of the physical drive as well as logical failure. You need to send the drive to the facility in case of logical failures. Physical failure mainly takes place when the data is inaccessible owing to a hard drive crash, or crash of the operating system. Your data is valuable and should be handled with care. Therefore. In this blog, we will outline the obvious fixes which you can follow in order to recover data from a dead computer.

Step-by-Step User Guide for Effective Fixes

You need to follow the below user guide to get a detailed overview of the effective fixes pertaining to recover data from a dead computer.

Step 1: Collecting Tools

The first step you need to adopt is to find out the correct adapter to be implemented with the hard drive. We have enlisted a couple of options here. If you have the proper universal data transfer cable, you can move ahead with the process:

  • Data Transfer cable
  • Laptop IDE Hard Drive Enclosure
  • Desktop IDE Hard Drive Enclosure

Step 2: Removing Hard Drive

You need to detach the side panel of the desktop computer or pinpoint the panel on the bottom. After that, you need to locate and remove the hard drive from the PC. The hard drive is basically placed in a small rack or metal bracket in front of the computer. You can access the hard drive from the small access panel present at the bottom. It is basically marked with a hard drive icon.

Step 3: Connecting Cables

Basically, you have to connect universal data transfer cable to the hard drive. Else you can plug in the hard drive into the proper hard drive enclosure. Moreover, you can use any one among IDE type connection and the SATA connection.

Step 4: Connecting to Working Computer

Firstly, you need to connect the hard drive to a working PC. This is basically done in order to connect the data cable to the drive as well as the PC. When the connecting is done, you can hear the beep noise which represents the connection. Now, you can go ahead onto the computer if you wish to transmit the data.

Step 5: Getting Permissions

The foremost step is to open your computer window and search for a hard drive in order to recover data from a dead computer. Also, you have to connect this to the hard drive. Next, you have press Open in order to see the file structure. Moreover, you will receive a message asking for permission to view those files. Then, press OK to allow and the process continues for some time.

Step 6: Transmission of Data

This step is very vital when it comes to how to recover data from a computer. You need to search for user folders. Next, you have to open the folder and find the username. Moreover, if there are several users, you may wish to copy each and every user accounts to the working PC. Most of the personal files are present in the user account folder. Also, if you open the folder you can view different categories like music, pictures, documents, and many more.  

Step 7: Wrapping Up

When you finish copying the data, you need to detach the hard drive from the working PC to recover data from a dead computer. If you wish to repair the broken PC, you just need to place the hard drive back to the computer and avail the repair service.

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