Using smartphones, we can capture the beautiful moments of our life. So, do not allow any accidental delete to remove your favourite images from our phone. Or, even worse, you might break or reset our device and lose all the images. 

Now, you might panic and wish to retrieve your deleted images as early as possible. Fortunately, here we have discussed some easy and quick techniques. We have divided these techniques from simple to advanced and hope there’s a remedy that will surely help you to restore your images.

Here’s how to Retrieve the Deleted Images from Smartphone

Lost your images, after a hard reset? No, it is not too late. The guide is here to help you with different ways on how you get those images back on Android phones. So, let’s head straight to the procedures.

Recover Data from the Cloud

Most of the Android users use some kind of cloud storage service to back up the images. If you are one of them, then thoroughly follow the below section.

Restore Images from the Google Photos

If you usually keep a backup of your photos on Google Photos, then first, on your Android device, open the Google Photos. Next, choose the Deleted images. In addition, you have to hit the three-dot that you will find at the top right corner of the screen. Afterwards, choose the ‘Save to device’ option.

Recover photos from the Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive provides an automatic images backup and if by mistake you delete all the images, from the Microsoft OneDrive, you can recover the images. To do so, just launch the OneDrive on your mobile. Navigate to the bottom and tap on the Photos option. Afterwards, you must choose the photo you wish to recover. Thereafter, hit the More option and after that choose the Save option.

From Dropbox

In case, you are using Dropbox and before deleting your images had activated the backup feature, then you can easily restore the images. For that, at first, you need to open the Dropbox application on your device. In addition, you should move to the Camera Uploads folder. Under here, you should choose the images that you wish to restore. Hit on the More option and thereafter tap on Save to restore the photos.

Recover Images from Google Drive

From Google Drive, you can restore your deleted images. For that, you must launch Google Drive first. Here, scroll below and choose the images you wish to retrieve. Then, click on three dots that are located at the upper-right corner and then select the Download option. 

Recover Deleted Images from the SD Card

What to do if you haven’t backed up your images to cloud storage? Don’t worry, if you save the images in the SD card, then you can get them back. For that, first, you have to connect the SD card to a computer. Now, download a free recovery software and run it. By using the free software, you can select the deleted images. After that, tap on the Recover option.

Keep in mind, deleted images will remain on the SD card until they get overwritten by new information. Hence, when you realize that by mistake you have deleted some images, you are advised to take out the SD card from your phone to reduce the overwritten risks.

Restore Lost Images with Free Image Recovery Software

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard is considered as the best recovery free image recovery software. Besides, you can run this tool on both Windows and Mac. So, what you have to do is to first connect your memory card with a computer. Next, you should download and install the EaseUs software. Now, you will see all the drivers from which you can restore your deleted images. It also includes the memory card as well as the hard drive.

Next, choose the memory card, and after that tap on the Scan option. The recovery tool then scans for the images that can be restored. You can recover up to 2GB of data with the free version. Keep in mind that the scanning procedure can take 30 minutes or more, therefore you are advised to wait and allow the procedure to complete. 

Next, go to the left-hand column and tap on the arrow beside the Graphics option. Furthermore, tick on ‘.jpg’ or the format in which you wish to save the images.  Proceed to the main window and then choose the image that you wish to recover.

Restore Lost Images from the Mobile Phone Without Root

The best way to restore the deleted images from an Android device is to get the root access of the entire file system. However, what to do if your system doesn’t have the root access, don’t worry as there are a few ways that you can try to restore the deleted images. For that, check out the below section:

Backup & Restore

This is one of the best ways to restore the deleted images if your Android device doesn’t have the root access features. Remember that, depending on the time, you might backup every single deleted photo. Now, to perform the task, first, move to the Setting section of the Android phone and then tap on the Account option.

Login with your account and if required, type the password. Under here, search and tap on the Backup & Restore option. Tap on the Restore option. 

Restore Lost Images on the Android Tablets

Android tablets are basically larger than the Android Smartphones, hence you can use the same free recovery tool to recover the deleted images. Hence, first, you have to download and install the free image recovery tool on your device.

Next, you have to connect the tablet to your device. Open the free software and then tap on the Recover button. This will start the scanning procedure. On the next tab, click on the Photos option. By tapping on the preview option, you can even preview the images before restoring them. Finally, tap on the Recover option in order to recover the deleted images.


These are the few ways through which you can recover your deleted images on your mobile phones. However, these procedures are time-consuming and if you don’t make the situation worse then rely on experts. Simply join with UAE Data Recovery and consult with the experts. Owing to their extensive knowledge they can retrieve your deleted images within a short period of time. So, ask for a free quote today!