Today we live in an IT era where artificial intelligence has taken over every aspect of our lives. Our entire world revolves around technology and the web. We cannot think about spending a day without gadgets. All our information, facts, details and every little thing are stored on the web as data. Recover data easily with Dead Flash Drive.

Flash drives are light-weight portable storage gadgets. Flash drives are plug and play devices that can store important data files, applications or simply media files. The first USB flash drive was introduced in the market in 2000 with an 8 MB of storage capacity. Now the storage capacity is increased to 2 TB.

What Flash Media is …

Most of the USB flash drives have a multi-level cell. This is suitable for the 3000 to 5000 program-erase cycle. The good thing is flash drives do not require rebooting every time it is attached. Flash drives don’t need any external power supplies either.

You can electrically erase and re-write flash memory. Three major types of flash chips are there. First, there is a Single Layer Cell that can hold one bit per cell. It’s the most expensive one and is a good fit for holding critical data as well as industrial applications. Then there is a Multi-Layer Cell, which holds two bits per cell. It stores twice more information and typically a good fit for the consumer product. Finally, there is a Triple-layer Cell that holds three bits per cell. This one is slower and not suitable for critical data.

Possible Reasons for a Dead Flash Drive

Flash drives are pretty convenient for transferring files from one device to another. However, it is a digital storage media. And like all the digital storage it can get corrupted and you might end up losing your valuable information. There are some possible factors that can result in a corrupted flash drive.

Lookup Table Corruption:

Flash drives contain a look-up table that is responsible for converting addresses in NAND memory to LBA address. If the look-up table gets corrupted then the flash drive can turn dead and result in data loss.

Broken Connector:

If you drop your flash drive accidentally, or its bumped while attached to the computer then the connector can break. A broken connector can cause damage to the circuit board. Therefore, it can crash your flash drive. This can result in data loss.

Hacked Flash Drive:

Some flash drives are hacked. Sometimes they show 8 GB or 16 GB when the real capacity is of 4 GB. You get to realize the con once you start loading data into your flash drive. This thing happens mostly when you buy cheap unbranded or Chinese flash drive.

Operating System Failure:

When your device encounters an operating system failure while the flash drive is connected to the computer it damages the flash drive.

Error while Formatting:

Sometimes when you format your flash drive things can go wrong and result in a flash drive death. It can be because of a technological glitch or malware. When things go wrong while formatting it can result in data loss.

Technological Glitch:

If something happens to your computer while the flash drive is connected to your computer then it can harm your flash drive. It can be any hardware related problem or software error. Even a virus or malware can cause a technological glitch. Whatever the reason is it can result in a dead flash drive and therefore leading to data loss.

Why do you need to Recover your Data?

You store all your personal information, media files, applications and other important files in your flash drive. Though you can replace some of the data but not all of them. Also, if you don’t recover data from your dead flash drive there is a chance someone else might. Whatever you store on the web is never lost. There is always a way of recovering them. So, this makes your data vulnerable. Thus, you can’t let go when your flash drive crashes.

Recover Data from a Dead Flash Drive:

Electronic gadgets are sensitive. Things can go wrong with gadgets anytime. Even if you handle them with enough care it doesn’t eliminate the risk of corruption. The first safety measure you can take is a backup. A backup can save you from data loss when your flash drive gets corrupted. However, sometimes backup fails too. There are some possible ways by which you can recover your important data from a Dead Flash Drive.

Try another USB Port:

You can try to connect the flash drive using a different USB Port. Try the one on the back of the computer. Sometimes it is the problem of the USB Port. In case the problem is with the port then trying a different port might help you to recover your data.


Rebooting your device can help too. Though it is not guaranteed that rebooting will fix your flash drive crash but sometimes they help.

Try Another Device:

Sometimes your device is the culprit for flash drive failure. In this case, you can try to connect your flash drive with another computer. If it’s your computer’s fault then trying another device will help.

Recovery Software:

There is some software for data recovery which you can use. In case you are using a data recovery software read all the terms and conditions carefully. Also, carefully see which permissions you allow the software.

Professional Data Recovery Service:

Finally, you can avail of support from our professionals of Hard Drive Recovery Dubai. We are the best Service and Support Providers of Data Recovery in Dubai. First of all, the solution is guaranteed by us. Also, we follow some business ethics which will keep them from fabricating your data. You don’t have to worry about your privacy.

There could be many reasons for flash drive crashes. Moreover, the solution entirely depends on the problem. The best way to deal with the problem is by taking safety measures from the beginning. Always backup your data and lookout for malware. Finally, when you try to fix the dead flash drive and recover your data, make sure there are no chances of duplication of your data.