Almost every year, Apple rolls out new beta versions. This time those new toys are iOS 12 and macOS 10.14. These Mojave betas are available for the developers to use, check and give their verdict. So, if you have been using it, you would know why you need the Apple Data Recovery.

And if you haven’t yet tried the beta versions but you are willing to, listen up. Try not to. However, if you can’t resist, install it on the Apple Phone that isn’t your lifeline, in which you can bear losing the data. If you aren’t convinced yet, you do need to read this.

The Tragedy Hitting iOS 12 and MacOS 10.14

There has been a lot of uproar about the iOS 12 and MacOS 10.14 beta versions from Apple. However, in the initial responses, it came out that they have bugs, several of them.

It shows the error cannot connect to the App store when you try using your App store in them. The EA or AR Games and Skype crash either right after launching or after logging in. Some apps are not even supporting notification badges. Banking apps don’t respond.

The devices running these beta versions are getting warmer than usual, and their battery is dying quickly as well. Also, it has a lot of app compatibility issues. In fact, even Logitech’s Options software doesn’t sit well, and it keeps breaking the scroll wheels along with the custom button layout. This is a heartache for many when it comes to using these new beta updates.

Facebook also freezes at times and voicemail notifications don’t show as well. There’s a lot wrong with iOS 12 and MacOS 10.14 beta versions.

And Yet

This second developer beta has a lot of new and better features than the first beta. It is far more stable and yes, these tragedies, they don’t occur all in one place. Apple has granted dark Mode Mojave in MacOS 10.14, after years of the request from the users. Now, you can use it comfortably at night as well.

Finder has a new Stacks feature that organizes images and files into groups. Also, the gallery view will show the entire media with complete metadata for images.

You will also be able to perform custom Automator tasks with its contextual quick action function on the selected files. The Quick Look can now invoke the markup without leaving the menu. And for trimming the videos, you will no more need a separate editor; it can be done here in a Quick look.

It has a new user interface and new tools for Machine Learning called Create ML and Core ML2. There’s so much more good to it.


The issue remains. Apple itself is strongly advising against installing beta releases, especially on mission-critical hardware. It is because, due to the many big and small glitches, your device will get prone to data loss. If you already have lost your data, you can get in touch with the Data Recovery Dubai, if you haven’t taken the Data Backup.

However, if you haven’t lost your data yet, you must revert to the previous version of iOS. At least until the beta versions are not rolled out for the public. Then, they will be fixed for the bugs, and there will be no more crashes and data loss.

As said earlier, if you are still eager, you can try this beta version on the Apple iPhone and Mac that doesn’t carry critical data. This way, you can run the trial without losing a lot.

Whatever said and done, Apple is a leader in creating superb updates and delivering amazing user experience. When the iOS 12 and MacOS 10.14 is rolled out for the public, I am sure it will be well received and well-loved by all.